About The App
Endogenie is an AI based endodontic app developed by a board certified endodontist in the United States. Endogenie helps clinicians organize their findings during examination similar to how an endodontist collects findings. It is the ideal aid for clinicians wanting to confirm their endodontic diagnosis.

  • The core algorithm in Endogenie is a cloud based artificial intelligence system that has been trained on thousands of dental radiographs.
  • The machine learning algorithm analyzes the PA area of a radiograph and highlights its findings.
  • Endogenie is different than other AI assisted imaging apps because it isn’t just an image classification app. The background image shown here is a glimpse of the decision tree logic used by the app.
  • The app combines the imaging analysis with the results from clinical testing to come up with the most likely clinical scenario.
  • The clinician decides on what the next steps should be

About The Data

The AI algorithm has been built and refined on thousands of hand seleced radiographs.These radiographs are first pre-processed to idelaize the gray levels to an optimum level, in a process known as histogram equalization.
The benefit of the Endogenie lies in that it is built on the hindsight knowledge gained after clinical treatment. These images were clinically validated after root canal treatment had been completed, thus providing a new level of accuracy in labeling the data, which is not seen in other dental AI imaging apps .